Why video will be essential in e-commerce marketing in 2019

So, video is great. I mean, as a video producer, it’s a bit of a given that I would think that(!) but video really is great because it can bring our stories to life.

In the case of e-commerce marketing, video is able to animate otherwise static products and make them even more appealing.

As a consumer, typically unable to interact with the products we view online, video can make them seem more tangible. We can feel as though we’ve examined them in person.

This sense of experience, of ‘knowing’, should not be taken lightly - think how many of us check out the quality of items we’re looking to purchase in store before heading online to buy them cheaper (a bad consumer trait, I know). But with the right kind of video, you can appease that need to ‘try before you buy’ and have customers clicking “Add to basket” in an instant.

The E-commerce Product Video

So, what is the e-commerce video best at? First, it’s important to consider the position of your video. On the one hand, this relates to its position on screen and where customers will access it. Equally, we might think about position in terms of the video’s place or role in the buyer’s journey.

The e-commerce video is typically featured alongside product images and is intended to verify product functionality, quality and value. The video should instil confidence in the product (and brand) and satisfy buyer curiosity before they go on to make a purchase.

As a demonstration of functionality and quality, the video might showcase how a product works, any innovative features or design elements of note, and attest to its simplicity and ease of use. This information can simply be communicated visually, perhaps along with additional text and infographics. You could also choose to feature a voiceover and/or on screen presenter to increase engagement further, particularly if your product has an original story behind it.

You might also wish to incorporate customer feedback or reviews into your e-commerce video. According to Inc. 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations made by friends or family. They also state that 68% of people form an opinion on a product or service after reading between one and six online reviews. So, featuring positive customer feedback in your e-commerce video could be a surefire way to increase conversion rates.

Why video will be essential in e-commerce marketing in 2019

On popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, video is becoming an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make your particular product/brand appear strong and unique. In the US, only manufacturers selling products wholesale were previously allowed to add video content to their listings (as it currently stands in the UK, also). However, this recently changed and those with a Seller Central account (marketplace or third-party sellers on Amazon US) can now add promotional video to their product listings (see Marketplace Seller Courses to find out how).

It is expected that this change will also reach Amazon UK in 2019, meaning that small businesses who rely on Amazon listings for sales will be able to make their products more enticing than ever. It also means that as well as showcasing your products, you will be able to reflect your own passion and personality as a business; to make that a part of your sales pitch.

For eBay sellers, you can currently embed YouTube videos in your eBay listings, which is fantastic. AND, if you own the video (i.e. are hosting it on your own YouTube channel) you can disable the ads too so that customers can get right to the point and find out all about your amazing product! Hopefully eBay will follow suit with Amazon in 2019 and allow the “official” addition of e-commerce product videos to their site.


Video will become an essential aspect of e-commerce marketing in 2019 and beyond as consumers become more interested in suppliers and the functionality and value of products. It is a quick and easy way to evidence quality and instil confidence, and to make your own narrative a part of the buyer’s journey.

Basically, video is still great and it can make a real difference to your e-commerce business.


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