Vlogging - Is It Right For Your Business?

Vlogs, vlogs, vlogs. Everyone is talking about vlogs. I mean, they can be a great marketing tool, but is vlogging right for your business? To help you find out, here’s a blog about vlogs. (I wonder if there’s a limit to how many times you should say ‘vlog’ in one paragraph??)

At Sync or Swim Productions, we believe that there are four main benefits to starting your own video blog:

#1 It won’t break the bank

Vlogging is one of the most affordable and widely available means of self-promotion in 2018. Perfectly suited to increasing brand awareness, all you need to get started is a camera (a webcam will do), a microphone (ideally a good quality, standalone mic, though your laptop’s inbuilt mic will do the job), and some good ideas for content. Once you get started, the regular release and promotion of your vlogs will do wonders for your visibility on social media. It is also more than likely to benefit your SEO, too (make sure to add your vlogs to your website and try to nail those all important keywords in your descriptions and metadata!).

Some ideas for kit: Vlogging for Beginners: Essential Gear

#2 It makes your brand more accessible

Video blogs are a great way of making your brand more accessible to customers. By putting a friendly face to your business and giving your marketing content a bit more personality, you can put the viewer at ease and create a positive relationship. What’s more, you might even invite customers to submit questions to you and encourage more direct interaction.

King of YouTube and vlogging, Casey Neistat - vlogging became his business

#3 It’s easier to communicate key information

This is an important point - vlogs, and videos in general, make information much easier to digest. In the space of just a few minutes, you can easily tell customers all about your latest news, service updates, client testimonials, or whatever else you have to say. Video will help your customers to stay focused on your message and to consider what it means for them.

#4 It lets you show off your knowledge

Vlogging is the perfect way to position yourself as a trusted expert within your field and to encourage clients to take action. As mentioned above, vlogs are ideally suited to sharing your glowing customer testimonials, offering your thoughts on the latest developments in your industry, explaining the benefits of a new service, etc. By taking the time to speak confidently, enthusiastically, and with authority about what you do, customers can rest assured that you are the right product/service provider for them.

Finding Your Vlogging Format:

OK, so now that your interest in vlogging is peaked, how do you start developing those all important ideas? Well, first and foremost, you need to find your format. What are you going to vlog about? Who will host/feature in your vlogs? How often will you vlog? How will you stand out? If you think that vlogging might be right for your business, it’s essential you develop a strategy for your vlogs, just as you would for any other marketing endeavour (remember, it will cost you time, at the very least).

Formulate a plan of action and stick to it! Consistency is key here, both in terms of the frequency of your vlog releases (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly) and the quality of your vlogs (try to be consistent, employ strict quality control, and be slick!). And ask your audience what they like and dislike about your vlogs, then work to improve them accordingly. Also, it’s useful to keep track of the impact of your vlogs on repeat business, new enquiries, and so on. Always test and measure!


So, there you have it - all you need to know about vlogging for your business. If you would like any advice about starting a business vlog then get in touch.


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