How to use Instagram TV (IGTV) to promote your business

How to use Instagram TV (IGTV) to promote your business

So, Instagram are taking the fight to YouTube and have launched Instagram TV (IGTV): an exciting mobile first platform for curating and sharing long-form, vertical video. But what could this mean for your business?

Insta’s Increasing Popularity

During the reveal of IGTV, Instagram also announced it now has 1 billion users. This means that, after Facebook (2.19 billion active monthly users) and YouTube (1.3 billion users), Instagram is the third largest social media platform. With users able to watch IGTV from inside the Instagram app, as well as the standalone IGTV app, it could prove vitally important for reaching and engaging with potential customers and building relationships.

IGTV Launch

What is Instagram TV (IGTV)?

IGTV is a mobile first platform, which means that, unlike YouTube, all videos play full screen and vertically. As Instagram Business explains, “IGTV is built for how you actually use your phone.” So, no more flipping your phone or looking for that full screen button!

As well as full screen, vertical playback, IGTV is all about long-form content. While Instagram restricts video length to 60 seconds, all content creators on IGTV will be able to share videos up to 10 minutes in length. For larger/verified accounts, that duration increases to 60 minutes. According to Instagram, the plan is to eventually enable everyone to share up to 60 minutes’ worth of content at a time.

Also, the TV thing isn’t just a gimmick. While Instagram Stories are often rough around the edges and encourage followers to interact with creators, IGTV makes possible higher production values, like broadcast TV, but still maintaining that potential to engage directly with your audience. Followers can like or comment on videos, share them, etc. And when they access IGTV, content streams instantly, as it would on a TV set.

Most importantly, that content is tailored to the user’s interests, highlighting videos from creators (“channels”) they follow, IGTV’s most popular content, and the ability to continue watching videos they started previously. So, when it comes to thinking about your own audience, if they already follow you on Instagram, each time they access IGTV they’ll see all your latest videos right away.

How does it work?

As mentioned, users can either use the standalone IGTV app or tap the small TV icon which now appears at the top right of their Instagram feed. This opens up IGTV, which starts with a playlist of “For You” videos based on accounts the user follows, and popular and recommended videos. There is also a search feature which allows the user to explore IGTV further.

iGTV Tabs

Create a Channel

Let's get Started

When it comes to creating and sharing your own content, you first need to create your own channel. This is really quick and easy - just tap the cog icon next to the search bar and select “Create Channel”. A couple of tabs explain what IGTV is, and then you’re up and running, ready to upload your first video!

Videos can be uploaded on the web or via the IGTV or Instagram apps. Users can add a description and a title to each video, and also upload/select a preferred thumbnail image.

There is no advertising available on IGTV currently, but expect that to change. The possibility of monetising and increasing the visibility of your own video content looks fairly inevitable (IGTV is a business, after all!).

What could IGTV mean for your business?

Well, according to Instagram Business, IGTV will get businesses closer to their target market:

“Use longer, permanent video for deeper storytelling. Build stronger connections with potential customers as you showcase other dimensions of your business without being limited to one type of content, length or format.”

And really, it’s this versatility in terms of the variety of content you can potentially share which stands out to us. You could use IGTV to:

  • - introduce people to your business and your team;

  • - demonstrate your products or services;

  • - host Q&A sessions;

  • - share customer experience videos;

  • - offer training;

  • - or even simply to repurpose video content you already have.

Most importantly of all, as well as the potential variety of video content (and the likelihood of monetisation in the future), IGTV comes with access to 1 billion users. If you can continue to develop and share the right kind of content that resonates with your target audience, there is potential for significant rewards; be that in the shape of more enquiries, purchases, business collaborations, etc.

So, why not get ahead of the game? Create your own IGTV channel and give your followers great video content that they can enjoy and learn from wherever they are.

Need a helping hand?

It all starts with a good strategy! If you’d like to discuss ideas for your own IGTV channel and videos, then contact us today.


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