Creative & Promotional Video

When you need an engaging video that explains and promotes your product or service, look no further.


Even if you have an idea that may seem a little wacky or unusual, we'd love to hear about it and try and recreate your vision on film. Or, you may not have any idea how best to promote yourself, and that's fine too. It can be tough to think of original ideas, but that's where we come in and help to figure something out.

Check out some of our examples below.


Corporate Video & Case Studies

Corporate video needn't be stuffy and boring. It can be exciting and informative and can even be used as a great promotional tool, especially when it's a case study or customer testimonial. Here are some of our favourite examples:


Documentary & Event Video

Some subjects need more time and depth to really get their messages across. It's why we really love to tackle projects that require a more docu-style slant. It allows us get to know the subject in much more detail so we can create something that will really affect the viewer as desired.

When it comes to events, you really need to get the feeling of the event across in order to show what your event has to offer a potential attendee. Fortunately, event video has been our bread and butter since we started this company way back in 2011.

Editing & Production Support

Maybe you have some footage and just need a snappy edit? Maybe you have some edit skills of your own and just want someone to grab some footage for you? Or maybe you're a fellow production company and just need some support for a project - we love to collab, so get in touch!


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